social studies

10 Feb

What career are you thinking of?

I am thinking about a career in a media company that concentrates on filming and video editing I hope to get involved in filming and editing.

What are your strong points?

I have a passion for filming I have been doing it since I was 15 it started when I used to film my local teams football matches. It started out as a hobby but I really started to enjoy doing it the football club were then purchased a editing package so I was able to start editing the videos. These I feel are my strongest points if I could get a job in a media company.

Where do you want to be in 5 years time?

Where do I want to in five years will I would hope to be in a stable job that has something to do with the media field and involves filing and editing where I was getting good pay and I hope I would be doing a job that I enjoy doing and not just doing it because I need too.

How will you get there year by year?

I hope too keep doing well in college and passing my exams I might do another year I have not decided yet if not I hope to go looking for an internship with a media company hopefully in the field I want and then just going from there trying to get a job.


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